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"It’s about time you all get to know Sonny Charles and the Backtrack Blues Band.The first track of an album can tell you a lot about a band and what to expect from the ten or so songs to come. On Way Back Home, this Tampa, Florida band’s fifth release, we start off with a trip to Eleuthera in the Bahamas (“Goin’ to Eleuthera”) — and if “beach blanket blues” is a genre, this is the band who originated it. This is a blues band for sure, but some uptempo jazz and a bit of classic swing come through here as well. Whether you’re relaxing by the ocean in Ft. Lauderdale (where this album was mastered) or throwing back some happy hour specials at a dirt road bar, Way Back Home should be your day’s soundtrack.
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— Brenda Hillegas, Elmore Magazine, September 2016

"With the winter months gripping most of the nation, a trip to Eleuthera in the Bahamas sounds nice right about now. If one can’t make it to the Bahama’s to escape the cold, may I suggest Way Back Home, the latest release from the Backtrack Blues Band. With ten blazing new tracks, this album is a surefire way to keep the soul warm this winter!"
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— Steve Crowley, American Blues Scene, January 2017

"If Paul Butterfield got together with Fabulous Thunderbirds, then you have some idea of the musical storm created here. It is heady stuff with impressive performances throughout. It may not be the country blues of the original rural folks who created the genre but it certainly swings with a New Orleans vibe on Shoot My Rooster and some mean and dirty licks on Your Funeral, My Trial by Sonny Boy Williamson - great song title and the title of a Nick Cave album."
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— Paul McGee, Lonesome Highway, February 2017

"They totally see the big picture on "Your Funeral, My Trial", as someone’s about to go all "Hey Joe" all over Miss Take. There’s actually a respectful ode to those big gals – "Heavy Built Woman", way nicer than the Reverend Billy C. Wirtz's "Roberta", the fat chick song of all time. "
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— Bill Locey, Rock n Roll Call, March 2017

"This is blues par excellence, raw essential blues and quintessentially this type of music is what the term was designed for! When a group have been together for as long as these guys have in their third decade, then you know you’re on the right road to musical Shangri-La, if nothing else based on the fact that they have survived and played with and for, la creme de la creme."
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— Tom Walker, Blues Matters Magazine UK March 2017

"The Florida quintet may physically prowl Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, but, stylistically, home is off in Chicago. There, with a satellite branch down in Texas, too; especially whenever Kid Royal turns up the string from his lead guitar. Front man Sonny Charles is both the source of all the burley-toned harping as well as the booming vibrato singing."
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— Baltimore Blues Society, March, 2017

"It seems every year when I come up with my Top 10 list I always discover as yet undiscovered gem. This year Way Back Home by the Back Track Blues Band certainly fits that distinction. Way Back Home is the fifth release from this longtime Tampa Bay staple."
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— WA Blues Society, March, 2017

"They are stepping up to the national stage with their latest release, "Way Back Home". Sonny Charles' originals have a quintessential sound of blues standards that can stand toe-to-toe with the classics. This is some cool contemporary blues that really know its roots!"
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— Roger and Margaret White , Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine, February, 2017

"If you like your blues with biting lead guitar and soaked in great harp playing, you'll like "Way Back Home". Charles is a top class harp player and there is much of the muscular power of Kim Wilson in his playing. Royal is a fine lead guitarist, playing solos and fills that flow with an almost inevitable certainty, sounding like Freddie King, with a hint of Albert Collins. This is a very impressive, very enjoyable release!"
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— Rhys Williams, UK, Blues Blast Magazine, February, 2017

"The songs drip with guitar and harp and you just can't help tapping your feet to the infectious rhythms. Their sound is reminiscent of the early electric Muddy Waters, with the harp getting plenty of air and there's lots of tasty Texas-inspired guitar throughout. Another great blues band to watch out for!"
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— John Knighton, Fatea Magazine, UK, January 2017

"This is blues par excellence- raw essential blues! Every track on the CD is an absolute better, each having something to commend them. In truth, this album is the best I've been fortunate enough to review. Musically, this disc is flawless, the arrangements and the vocals are superb and the instrumental renditions truly magnificent ! "
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— Tom Walker, Blues Matters Magazine UK January 2017

"Taking their name from a Little Walter song, Florida-based Backtrack Blues Band have been performing together continuously since 1980. Lead singer/harmonica player Sonny Charles is the band’s chief songwriter, Kid Royal plays lead guitar, Little Johnny Walter rhythm, Stick Davis bass and Joe Bencomo drums."
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— Al Hensley, Rhythms Music Magazine, January 2017

"When Chicago and Texas blues meet, then The Backtrack Blues Band appears. An experienced, super- teamed band, they have been playing for more than 30 years since the group was founded in Florida. All the experience they have gathered along all these years is present in this new work, and brings to the forefront the stellar work of the two guitar players, the electrifying harmonica and the great vocal contributions. All this makes this album one of the best published this year, resulting in a high spirited and totally crushing recording ! GREAT ! "
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— Vicente Zumel, La Hora del Blues, January 2017

"Although influenced by Little Walter (what blues harp outfit hasn't been?), let me say right off the bat if you are in any way, shape or form a fan of Paul Butterfield's Blues Band, you are going to want to track this down. The big blues honchos in Tampa, Florida, Backtrack Blues Band is out with their 10 cut, fifth release that is basically a battle to get yourattention with harpist Sonny Charles squaring off with guitarist Kid Royal."
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— Peanuts, January 2017

"Backtrack Blues Band....excellent traditional blues ! Good solos, very good harmonica, excellent vocals and exactly the type of blues I like."

— Mike Penard, I.S.A. Radio, France, December, 2016

"On its new release, "Way Back Home", the Backtrack Blues Band has delivered an exciting harp and guitar infused album that really hits the mark. The group has been one of Florida’s leading original blues acts for decades, and those years of performing have paid big dividends on this record. The solid grooves, stellar guitar, electrifying harmonica, and vocals make this CD one of the best blues releases of 2016. Reminiscent of the sounds of Paul Butterfield and the early Fabulous Thunderbirds, the songs on this record are true electric blues with lots of soul and energy."
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— Peter Holmstedt, Hemifran, Sweden, December 2016.

"On the opening cut, "Goin to Eleuthera", as in the island stop in the Bahamas, you can almost feel the warm ocean breezes and the gentle island vibe. That is just one of six originals penned by Sonny Charles. The funky "Tell Your Daddy" has the swampy feel of Excello Records, while "Shoot My Rooster" is pure, vintage Chicago and "Heavy Built Woman" swings hard. The entire disc has a nice live in the studio feel and it really plays a key role in capturing the band's energy and enthusiasm. Thank goodness they're still being done that way!
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— Graham Clarke, Blues Bytes, October/ November 2016

"No pun intended, but the real "draw" of the Backtrack Blues Band is the multi-wheezing prowess of Sonny Charles and his collection of harmonicas. The various tones and dynamics that Charles employs is impressive, and I’d love to have an instructional dvd of this one!"
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— George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly, October 2016

"Backtrack Blues Band - Way Back Home is 10 out-of-the-box fabulous traditional Blues tracks. The band focuses on harmonica driven Chicago Blues with Sonny Charles leading the way, joined by Kid Royal on lead guitar, Little Johnny Walter on rhythm guitar, Stick Davis on bass guitar, Joe Bencomo on drums, and special guest Victor Wainwright layering in piano. Latonya Oliver and Dana Merriweather add their lovely background vocals to make this release one to own."
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— Debra C. Argen, Luxury Experience, October 2016

"The self written material is very good, the pick for me is the infectious Heavy Built Women whose chorus I sang along to which caused a ‘looks could kill’ stare from my wife when she heard me, very clever lyrics and some excellent lead harmonica playing from Sonny, a surprising cover is Phil Lynott’s Baby Please Don’t Go which gets the rocking blues treatment, all in all a great mix of Chicago blues by a very polished band who have hit the right note with this release."
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— Blues Matters, UK, November, 2016

"Produced by Charles W. Ross and George Harris, Way Back Home has a nice, thick, analog sound, avoiding the brittle sharpness of many modern productions. 6 of the songs are originals and 4 are covers, including a couple of Sonny Boy Williamson II numbers. ‘Authentic’ is a big word these days when it comes to a lot of things, and as far as the blues go, it doesn’t get any more authentic than Way Back Home."
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— The Rock Doctor, October 2016

"Great fifth cd of the Backstrack Blues Band, Chicago blues like Paul Butterfield and the early Fabulous Thunderbirds. You can hear the band rode many miles together. They sound firm and solid, the team-playing is remarkable. Great guitar, piano and harmonica work. It’s been a long time since I listened to such a great blues album."
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— Peter Jacobs,, October 2016

"On the tough opening cut, "Goin' To Eleuthera," as in the island stop in the Bahamas, you can almost feel the warm ocean breezes and the gentle island vibe. That is just one of six originals, all penned by Charles. The funky "Tell Your Daddy" has the swampy feel of Excello Records, while "Shoot My Rooster" is pure vintage Chicago and "Heavy Built Woman" swings hard. Other originals include the Lone Star shuffle "Rich Man Blues" and the thumping closer, "Help Me Just This Time." Way Back Home is an excellent set of blues like they used to do them back in the day. Thank goodness they're still being done that way."
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— Graham Clarke, Phoenix Blues Society, Bluesbbytes, October, 2016

"Way Back Home is guitar-based blues led by and drenched with singer Sonny Charles’ harmonica. I hear a dirty version of Downchild Blues Band when this is on, but others have likened this set to Paul Butterfield and early Fabulous Thunderbirds. One thing is for sure, this is roadhouse blues of the highest order- no wonder these guys have won awards and played at festivals around the world, having shared stages with SRV, BB King, Buddy Guy Robert Cray, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Winter and so many more, they’re THAT good."
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— John Kereiff, The Rock Doctor, October 4, 2016

"Backtrack practices a form of electric blues that you can't fake. In other words , they will never be mistaken for slumming rockers. These are guys immersed in true blues and seasoned enough to deliver it without frills , albeit with the kind of chops that come from playing it a very long time. I wish more current bands upheld the blues tradition as ably and admirably as Backtrack. Standing out amid a small army of wannabes whose recordings expose their lack of schooling in the genre, "Way Back Home" takes you where you want to go!"
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—, October 2016

"Also heartily recommended is "Way Back Home" by the Backtrack Blues Band. They cover Sonny Boy Williamson's "Your Funeral, My Trial" with the rampaging electric guitar soloing of Kid Royal (they may be from Florida, but the Kid's hero chops are straight out of Texas). Singer/ Songwriter Sonny Charles blows a bad-ass blues harp." His songs, especially "Tell Your Daddy" , "Shoot My Rooster" and "Heavy Built Woman" are funky and funny!
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— Mike Greenblatt, Classicalite, September 27, 2016

"Still going strong after more than thirty-five years, the veteran line-up of the Backtrack Blues Band gets a boost with the addition of Kid Royal on lead guitar. His beautifully constructed solos add a layer of complexity to the band’s sound, serving as a counterpoint to the vibrant harp tones from Sonny Charles. The driving rhythms are set up by the capable hands of Little Johnny Walter on rhythm guitar, Joe Bencomo on drums, and Stick Davis on bass. Grab a copy of this one if you favor the traditional electric blues styles, because the Backtrack Blues Band has got you covered from start to finish!"

—Mark Thompson, 12 Bar Rag, Suncoast Blues Society, Sept. 2016

"I just had the opportunity to review the newest release, Way Back Home, from the Backtrack Blues Band and it's solid. Opening with Going to Eleuthera, a snappy shuffle, Sonny Charles leads the way on lead vocals and Kid Royal is hot on his heels on lead guitar. Rounding out the troupe is Little Johnny Walter on rhythm guitar, Joe Bencomo on drums and Stick Davis on bass."
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—Bman's Blues Reports, August 31, 2016

"Led by the powerhouse vocals and harp of Sonny Charles and the Texas- styled guitar leads of Kid Royal , Backtrack Blues Band has just released their fifth CD, " Way Back Home " . Longevity in the blues business is a rare thing , so you know the band has been doing something right. They pack the dance floors everywhere they play with an infectious groove, and give the fans just what they want! "
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—Sheryl and Don Crow , The Nashville Blues Society , August 31, 2016

"On its fifth CD, “Way Back Home,” the first class band has recorded one of its strongest traditional blues records to date. Led by the double barrel attack of harmonica ace and lead vocalist, Sonny Charles, and the biting Texas blues guitar of Kid Royal, the Backtrack Blues Band is now poised to carry its musical message to a larger audience."

—Art Tipaldi, Editor, Blues Music Magazine, 2016

"Backtrack Blues Band is one of those rare acts whose on stage excitement translates onto their records.
The new CD 'Way Back Home' absolutely, positively passes the 'turn it up' test.
Go find yourself a Heavy Built Woman and TURN IT UP."

—Hank Kestenbaum, President - Red Hills Broadcasting LLC., WANK 99.9FM WHTF 104.9FM WQTL 106.1FM WWOF 103.1FM

"Backtrack Blues Band captures the sound of the great Chicago Blues recordings of the early Chess years.
Sonny Charles' blistering harmonica riffs set the tone for " Way Back Home" , and he never lets the energy level fall. Victor Wainwright's piano and the highly effective Kid Royal on guitar blend perfectly to produce a traditional sound sure to please!"

—Larry Lisk , WMNF radio, Tampa, Fl and 2014 KBA winner for Public Radio

"Backtrack isn’t afraid to play dirty and lowdown…. This blues is definitely worth searching for!"

—Alex Henderson, CD Universe

"Lyssna på Tell Your Daddy från Florida-bluesgubbarna Backtrack Blues Bands femte platta och gå sen direkt till The Doors LA Woman (1971) och njut av förstaspåret The Changeling. Svårt att tänka mig att Sonny Charles och hans bandkamrater inte varit inne och grottat rätt rejält i just den låten."
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— Roger Bengtsson, Ung Tro, December 2016.

"Energieke, door dynamische harmonica en gitaar geïnjecteerde blues dat horen we bij de Back Track Blues Band. De in Tampa, Florida resideerde formatie ontleende haar groepsnaam aan een nummer van bluesharp innovator Little Walter en dan weet je meteen welke richting het uitgaat. Zo’n vijfendertig jaar draagt zanger en harmonicaman Sonny Charles in het zog van The Paul Butterfield Bluesband onvervalste Chicagoblues uit met zijn ‘hard drivin’ combo."
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— Cis van Looy, Written in Music, December 2016.

"Tampa Bay Area in Florida, the place where blues is livin' want naast JP Soars komen ook Sonny Charles en zijn Backtrack Blues Band van ginds en mogen zelfs alm bij de veteranen geteld worden. Het debuutalbum van deze 'Backtrack Blues Band' dateert zelfs al van 1990. In de jaren negentig volgden nog twee albums maar daarna viel het een beetje stil tot ze in 2012 'Captured Alive' wisten uit te brengen."
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— Rootsville, December 2016.

"Way Back Home” is inmiddels al het vijfde album van Backtrack Blues Band. De uit Tampa Bay, Florida, afkomstige band bestaat al sinds 1980 en deze release is tot onze grote spijt onze eerste kennismaking met hen. Spijt, want wat de vijf heren hier laten horen is ongebreidelde klasse. De mannen vonden de groepsnaam bij Little Walter’s classic Chess instrumental, “Back Track” en diens muziek is nooit ver weg bij hun inspiratie. Frontmannen Sonny Charles (lead vocals, harmonica) en Kid Royal (lead guitar) vormen samen met Little Johnny Walter (rhythm guitar), Joe Bencomo (drums) en Stick Davis (bass) de groep en werden voor deze gelegenheid bij gestaan door Blues Music Award winnaar Victor Wainwright op piano."
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— Luc Meert, Rootstime, December 2016.

"De Backtrack Blues Band uit de Tampa Bay Area in Florida bestaat al 36 jaar. Toen ze in 1990 tien jaar bestonden, namen ze hun eerste album met dezelfde titel als hun bandnaam op. Daarna verschenen nog drie albums, ‘Killing Time’ in 1991, ‘Boogie Shack’ in 1996 en ‘Captured Alive’ in 2012. Nu brengen ze ‘Way Back Home’ uit, hun vijfde plaat. Er staan tien songs op, tien gedreven Chicago bluessongs. De band grijpt terug naar de sound van Paul Butterfield en de vroege Fabulous Thunderbirds. Zes daarvan werden geschreven door zanger/mondharmonicaspeler Sonny Charles. Het is even wennen aan Sonny’s stem, maar ondanks dat hij blank is, klink hij als een oudere Afro-Amerikaan. En dit keer is het geen cliché. Zijn stem is wat geknepen, maar klinkt doorleefd en donker. Op mondharmonica is Sonny echt een crack. Elke noot valt op de juiste plaats en er ligt veel gevoel in zijn spel, zeker als hij akoestisch speelt."
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— Peter Jacobs, Muziekwereld, January 2017.

"Két dolgot nagy bizonyossággal állíthatunk a Backtrack Blues Band névre hallgató floridai zenekarról. Egyik az, hogy ők egy egyik legrégebb óta működő blues banda a Tampa Bay régióban, a másik pedig az, hogy nem igazán kényeztetik el a rajongóikat lemezekkel, ugyanis az 1980-ban Sonny Charles és Little Johnny Walter által alapított formáció eddig mindössze öt albumot készített."
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— Készült, January 2017

"Bei der Backtrack Blues Band handelt es sich um eine Bluesband aus Florida, aus der Region Tampa Bay. Die Formation spielt bereits Blues seit 1980, und zählt insofern bereits zu den Urgesteinen der dortigen Bluesszene. Man spielte auch bereits mit zahlreichen Blueslegenden zusammen, angefangen von John Lee Hooker über Buddy Guy, B.B. King hin zu Stevie Ray Vaughan oder Johnny Winter."
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— Wolfgang Giese, January 2017

"Per la series Buscadero Geogrphic questo mese ci trasferiamo in Florida, terra di elezioni predifenziali, alligatori, uragani, clima caldo (non per nulla e il Sunshine State), patria di Jim Morrison e Tom Petty, una delle culle del southern Rock (Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, e molte altre bands vengono da li), pero a livello blues eravamo piuttosto sguarniti. Ma questo solo perche non abbiamo mai consideratp, o poco, la Backtrack Blues Band, da 35 anni una delle (poche) istituzioni del Blues nella zona."
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— Buscadero Geogrphic, Buscadero Magazine, January 2017.

"Funf Sterne fur die funfte Platte in 35 Jahren Bandgeschichte: Die Backtrack Blues Band macht offenbar liebar Nagel mit Kopfen ala zu viele CDs auf den Markkt zu werfen. Gut so, denn der Blues der funf Mannen aus Tampa, Florida, kommt so druckvoll und entspannt zugleich aus den Boxen, dass man die Band einfach nicht links liegen lassen kann."
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— Blues News, January 2017.

"Backtrack Blues Band fran Florida grundades for 35 ar sedan och ar till och med dopt efter en lat av Little Walter. Nu ar de aktuelle med ett nytt album. Det har varit mycket vasen i host om ett mycket kant rockban, som gjort ett bluesalbum med flera latar (inklusive titellaten) av munspelaren Little Walter och medidel covers."
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— Hans Bloom, Dalademokraten, January 2017.

"Backtrack Blues Band, bildat for 35 ar sedan i Florida, gor med detta femte album en veritabel succe. Val vart den internationella uppmarksamheten gar kvintetten till verket med sin inspirationsfyllda svangiga Chicagoblues, hyllande legender som Sonny Boy Williamson AA, Muddy Waters och speciellt munspelsfenomenet Little Walter. Gruppens affischnamn Sonny Charles imponerar i sangen, med sitt munspel och som latskivare. Gitarristen Kid Royal ar en annan huvudperson. Och overhuvudtaget fascinerar samspelet munspel, gitarrer, rytmsektion med gastande 2016ars Blues Music-vinnare, pianisten Victor Wainwright som extra krydda."
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— Kenneth Hammargren, Värmlands Folkblad, January 2017.

"Backtrack Blues Band a cumule trentecinq ans d’experience sure sa feuille de route et, a ce titre, ses membres font figure de pionniers en Floride. Ceux-ci s’executent avec solidite et aplomb dans un style Chicago Blues inspire, entre autres, par les legendaires Little Walter, Muddy Waters et Sonny Boy Williamson II (Rice Miller). Avec Way Back Home, ce quintet nous offer son cinquieme disque compact en carriere."
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— En Bluesant, Pierre Jobin, March 2017.