2020 Media - "Your Baby Has Left" Album

Here are 2020 music reviews and media coverage of the latest Backtrack Blues Band studio album "Your Baby Has Left":

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“ This band is made up of eminent musicians who prefer that early sound of the Chicago blues scene . The band delivers great, innervating blues , with a great deal of passion and feeling . The harmonica is reminiscent of the sound of Paul Butterfield or that exceptional musical combination of Anson Funderburgh featuring Sam Myers . This is a striking , authoritative work with a lot of sensitivity and primordial energy . There is no doubt this is really great and effective electric Chicago blues . So race to the record store and secure your copy of this great album . “
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— la Malden Locar - Mike, SoundGuardian, April 5, 2020

When the Backtrack Blues Band wraps his muscles around Jimmy Reed’s “Natural Born Lover” on their terrific Your Baby Has Left (VizzTone Records), all hell breaks loose. This is some quintet ! They play it fast and tight .There’s really not a whole hell of a lot of blues bands that sound like this : combining aspects of Chicago blues , Texas blues with a Southern rock base . Drummer Joe Bencomo is as in -the - pocket as one can get while Little Johnny Walter’s funky guitar gives the mix it’s thick middle . Wholeheartedly Recommended! “
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— Mike Greenblatt, The Goldmine Magazine, July 16, 2020

Listen to the John Sinclair Radio Show, where the Backtrack Blues Bland joins John for an hour of music from their new album, along with conversations between the Band and Robert Jr. Whitall & Sugar Mae Owens, of Big City Rhythm & Blues magazine.
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— The John Sinclair Radio Show, June 17, 2020

" The Florida veterans Backtrack Blues Band returns with one of the best records of their career. Excellent production captures the energy and detailed musicianship. After the soaring guitars and energetic rhythms of " Best Friend's Grave " , follows the spirited harmonica and soulful , bluesy delivery where frontman Sonny Charles sings powerfully . A listen with plenty of Chicago influences as well as guitar indebted to Texas lineage .....a must hear for those who prefer their blues authentic and with zero filler included. "
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— Take Effect, April 7 2020

" A winning combination that blends traditional Chicago blues with Texas , swamp and Sunshine state funk too . Eight originals and one cover are deep in the pocket throughout . Give a good listen to " Best Friend's Grave " , a pleasant, loping blues with gospel overtones , as well as the stop-time " Your Baby Has Left " , the percussive shuffle " Killin Time " , the boogie " She Might Get Mad " and the slow blues ballad " Times Is Hard " .

— Marty Gunther, Chicago Blues Guide, July 2020

“The band delivers the goods without self-indulgent frills or forays . Davis' bass is unerring and Bencomo rides a groove. The strong baritone vocalizing of Sonny Charles is unwavering and his harp playing hews to a classic Chicago style , with clear tones emails appreciated because of the album's excellent production values”

— Dan Stevens, Blues Music Magazine, July 2020

“ appreciate the band’s excellence , with a full repertoire of Texas and Chicago influences and the personal stamp of Florida blues . The striking Sonny Charles harmonica and vocals together with Kid Royal’s sophisticated guitar techniques... GREAT ”

— Vicente Zumel, La Hora Del Blues , Spain , June 2020

“ This production is one that cuts no corners . You want an authentic, analog sound , you return to a reel-to-reel deck to soothe the savage audiophile. The band’s best work ! ”
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— Lauren Leadingham, Lauren Leadingham, May 7, 2020

“ ‘ Your Baby Has Left ‘ is a rock - solid example of a seasoned band at it’s best . Sonny Charles plays harp in a style reminiscent of Paul Butterfield and his vocals are a pleasant, potent baritone. Kid Royal plays guitar in the T-Bone Walker / Freddie King tradition . It’s perfect medicine for whatever ails ya ! ”
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— Marty Gunther, Blues Blast Magazine, May 5, 2020

“ It's 7th album , " Your Baby Has Left " captures Backtrack's unique blend of muscular harp and vocals and tasty Texas- inspired lead guitar , with stellar accents by Bruce Katz's keys and the Muscle Shoals Horns . Some sweet, deep Texas guitar that would make T- Bone smile. Sonny's powerful vocals and full throated harmonica attack give this album it's center . It's a real deal blues album made by seasoned blues journeymen . ”
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— Errny Blues & Others, Russia, March 5, 2020

“ The Album of the Week was a stomper from Tampa Bay's Backtrack Blues Band , who turn up this week with an album jammed with excellent tracks . Their album " Your Baby Has Left " has been doing well on the UK Blues Charts , so a big cheer for Sonny Charles and the rest of the band ”
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— Just Cruising, The Blues Come Calling, UK, April 2020

“ The band has a strong reputation for creative songwriting. Sonny Charles is a triple threat , as he is a great songwriter, a superb harpist and a darn good vocalist . The Backtrack Blues Band’s crisp Chicago styles originals and Texas guitar tones is guaranteed to make you smile .”
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— Richard Ludmerer, Making A Scene Magazine, April 2020

" The Backtrack Blues Band is a crew of well-traveled veteran musicians who have another hot album . Hot guitar work from Kid Royal . Hard-edged boogie absolutely drenched in Sonny Charles' ripping harp playing . Charles' harp is gritty and toneful and fills every space it's given with the real- deal blues. The band rubs the pocket just right and Charles' harp and Royal's guitar speak eloquently to anyone lucky enough to listen. This is one of the South's premier groups without a doubt and " Your Baby Has Left " will quickly earn it's keep in your record collection . "
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— Mike O' Cull, Rock and Blues Muse, March 31, 2020

"Blues musicians have an ability to deliver music that is often timeless. This is the case with Backtrack Blues Band , one of Florida's most accomplished bands , on their seventh CD " Your Baby Has Left ". A catchy , well- constructed album where the harmonica of Sonny Charles is omnipresent. The Backtrack Blues Band is especially recognized for it's performance on stage , where their talent, ardor , passion and originality are best expressed."
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— Jean-Francois Desputeaux, Blues Quebec.com, April 10, 2020

"Old school , that's the perfect description . They're not trying to redefine the blues , just reveling in the inspirational coolness of the blues . Led by Sonny Charles on vocals and harmonica and Kid Royal on guitar and vocals , the Tampa based band explodes with Texas and Chicago style blues."
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— Paul Shugrue, Album of the Week, Out of the Box, WHRO.com. April 6, 2020

"Florida veterans Backtrack Blues Band return with one of the best records of their career. Spirited , infectious harmonica solos with soulful , bluesy delivery where front man Sonny Charles sings powerfully . A listen with plenty of Chicago influences as well as guitar indebted to Texas lineage.... a must hear for those who prefer their blues authentic and with zero filler included!"
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— Take Effect Reviews, April 7, 2020

The Backtrack Blues Band has been an institution in the Tampa Bay music scene, playing their muscular brand of electric blues since 1980. These guys can really bring it, honing their version of early Chicago blues with a healthy taste of Texas twang. "Your Baby Has Left" is one of the better sounding blues recordings this reviewer has heard. It’s a fine, fine effort by these blues veterans."
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— Bob Monteleone, Big City Blues Magazine, April 2, 2020

“This is one hellaciously fine blues record! "Your Baby Has Left" feels like one of the most right on blues discs I’ve maybe ever heard. With just the right amount of dirt, grease, joy, and great playing, this is one for the ages. When people talk about great blues, they’re talking about records just like this. If I had to tally my ‘best of 2020’ list right now, this would be at the top; this is as good as it gets.”
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— The Rock Doctor, gonzookanagan.com, April 2, 2020

“Tampa Bay’s Backtrack Blues Band has made the journey back to the heart of the source. Back to Paul Butterfield Blues Band and John Mayall - "Your Baby Has Left" is vintage 60’s blues rock. A dynamic rhythm section that keeps things simple and honest, but also high- energy. Charles has a blusey voice with character to spare. His harmonica work veers between rich bursts of sound and surgically precise saxaphone-like runs. Royal is an old school blues player who’s able to wring every last bit of soul out of each note.”
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— Steven Ovadia, American Blues Scene, March 30, 2020

""BACKTRACK BLUES BAND - a leader with a cheerful style of vocals and harmonica , doubled on his right by a guitar- slinger worthy of the most ruthless assassinations . To sum it up : the leader Sonny Charles proves to be a first -rate blower ( between Sonny Boy, Kim Wilson, and William Clark , do you need to detail it further ? ) the Kid Royal who officiates as lead- guitar never makes the slightest quarter ( where Stevie Ray would be today ) and the rhythm section has the necessary shock absorbers to support such a crew in all circumstances . It would wake up a paralytic in outdated calalepsy!"

— Patrick Dollongeville, PARIS-MOVE, February 28, 2020

Here’s what critics and music reviewers have said about Backtrack Blues Band releases and music from the past:

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"The CD opens with Sonny Boy's "Checkin' On My Baby" and shows the BBB to be a tight outfit led by skillful harp playing and the sharp guitar of lead guitarist Kid Royal. "
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— Malcolm Kennedy, Washington Blues Society, September 2018

"Somehow, Ross, who morphs into his stage moniker "Sonny Charles" also finds time to front the Backtrack Blues Band which he co-founded 35 years ago and plays harp, does vocals, and writes original music. Any one of these achievements would be laudatory, but Chuck Ross excels in all of them, and his impact on the Tampa Bay blues scene has been unparalleled and exemplary."
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— Monte Adkison, La Hora Del Blues, July 2018

"Ma questo solo perché non abbiamo mai considerato, o poco, la Backtrack Blues Band, da oltre 35 anni una delle (poche) istituzioni del Blues nella zona. Formata appunto ad inizio anni '80 da Sonny Charles, cantante e armonicista, nonché patito di Little Walter (infatti il nome del gruppo viene da Backtrack, uno dei brani piu celebri del grande armonicista), e da Little Johnny Walter (guarda il caso!), chitarrista ritmico e fedele amico fin dalla gioventu..."
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— Burno Conti, Harpo Blues, May 2018

"The band was an early leader on the Florida blues scene in the 1980s, as one of the first authentic blues acts in Tampa Bay. The Make My Home in Florida release marks the group’s sixth album and reflects decades of musical experience from deep down south."
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— David McCabe, Montreal Blues Society, May 2018

"Whether performing classic covers or original material, Backtrack Blues Band is the very definition of a show band. They’re at their best when performing live, and Make My Home in Florida proves it. A fun-loving live blues album, it should be in everyone’s library. We’re guessing most Floridians already have a copy."
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— JD Nash, American Blues Scene, March 2018

"Kid Royal gets the chance to show off his Texas flavoured blues licks, and vocals, on BB King’s Woke Up This Morning and T-Bone Walker’s T-Bone Shuffle. Over a crack rhythm section, leader Sonny Charles also impresses mightily with excellent vocals (he handles the majority of the numbers) and equally accomplished blues harp blowing."
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— Blues Matters!, May 2018

"One of Florida's longest-running and most accomplished bands, The Backtrack Blues Band has performed high-energy, Chicago-style blues continuously since its founding in 1980. The group has established a strong reputation for creative songwriting through six CD's and one DVD of original music -- all of which charted on the U.S. blues radio charts."
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— Marty, The Blues and Roots Music Blog, April 2018

"At the St. Petersburg, Florida, Palladium Theatre, singer and harmonica brawler Sonny Charles, and his similarly capable co-workers, apply a traditional, natural-seeming apporach to four originals and untarnished gemstones connected to Sonny Boy Williamson II, B.B. King and T-Bone Walker."
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— Frank-John Hadley, Downbeat, April 2018

"This is a powerful set --- nothing fancy at all --- just a great band playing the blues and playing them well. Charles is a charismatic frontman and dynamite harp player, and Royal does an excellent job in a variety of blues styles."
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— Graham Clarke, Blues Bytes What's New, April 2018

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"When I attend a music festival, I not only want to see my favorite bands, I also want to experience new discoveries. That was certainly my hope this April, in St Petersburg, Florida. Staged on the beautiful waterfront, surrounded by palm trees and open bay views, the KBA award- winning Tampa Bay Blues Festival was the perfect location for a world class blues festival, with both tried-and-true and undiscovered gems."


- Laura Carbone, Elmore Magazine, April 2017